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Know Your Options

Searching    for   a    trainer    can    be overwhelming  and  intimidating.  UTrain is the free app that puts you in control. Conveniently scroll   through   trainer profiles and   discover your options. 

Find a Compatible Trainer

Partner with a trainer that gets you excited about growth.   We   cater   to   fitness professionals   that   care   about   your attainable  goals  and  everlasting change.   Select   a   trainer and   stay   consistent.

Take INITiative 

Be   proactive  in   leading   a   healthier lifestyle. It's time to reinvent your habits. A personal trainer will provide the tools and hold you accountable. Put yourself in a position to reach your   full   potential.


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Our Story

UTrain was created by two personal trainers who saw the need for a safe and reliable platform to help people find trainers.

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