"Having been a pro athlete in Rugby most of my adult life - I was in great shape. Once retirement came and I left my beloved South Africa to live in the UK and Eastern Europe, I stopped training. I gained over 20 kgs in the period between 2013-2015. At the end of 2015 my drive to transform was triggered by going through my old pictures. From that day on I vowed to help those who also want to improve the quality of their lives through fitness." - Ntando 

Her & Him

"My boyfriend started the fire within me to become a stronger person - both mentally & physically. I decided to become a certified personal trainer so that I could inspire others in the way he had inspired me. We got certified together and started changing the lives of many individuals. Our passion to help others made training and coaching easy. Fitness is a journey that develops strong character and beauty beyond what the eyes can see. I hope to continue pushing others through my training and growing as a person myself." - Kerri

Defeat Yourself

"I needed to find a way to love myself again physically & mentally. When I reached my weight loss goal, I created a new goal, and then a new goal came along after. That's what keeps me going - my goals. I'm my competition, and if I can defeat myself, then I can do anything I set my mind to." - May 

Sharing Is Caring

"I am an LA-based personal trainer and professional dancer. My fitness journey started fairly late. While in college, my instructors recommended strength training to supplement my dance training. After a short period, I noticed quite a significant difference in my balance, endurance, and core strength. This inspired me to share the benefits of strength training with others." - Chelsea

The Comeback Kid

"I am an amateur boxer and daughter to Glenn Rushton who is Jeff "The Hornet" Horn's trainer. I had my first fight when I was 14 and at just 16 won the open women's state title. With hopes to make the Olympics at 18 years old, I tore a tendon in my knee, and was cut from the qualifications. After that devastation, I lost all hope of competing again, and began a downward spiral by gaining 13kgs. Eventually, I realized I was destroying myself, and that my dream was only over because I believed it was. I changed my mindset, lost 20kgs, and am back with a vengeance to make the Commonwealth Games. First qualifiers are in September this year. Follow my journey!" - Angel   

Diagnosed But Not Dead

"Why do I workout? To live, it's an easy choice for me. I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 18, but didn't see symptoms until about six years ago. I was hospitalized for two weeks and given five different pills to take for the rest of my life. The pills didn't help me and made me more sick. I then researched my condition and learned that the proper amount of exercise and nutrition will do me more justice than any man-made pill. My fitness journey started over five years ago. Now, I only pop a pill when I need too. Fitness means life, because each day I'm in the gym, I'm adding more days to my lifespan. My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same." - Na'Keda

Breaking Barriers

"The greatest satisfaction is to accomplish what others say you can’t do. As a lifetime athlete, I have never followed the "norm". I've played baseball (like hardball with the boys) my entire life. Through high school and college, becoming the 1st female in school history. Now, I continue to push my limits both physically and mentally. As a trainer, an athlete, and a friend, I encourage those around me to find their passion, hold onto it, let it grow, and fuel their fire. You are the strongest person you'll ever know." - Sloan

Dad, Bedtime, & Fitness

"Consistency is the foundation. You'll never become good at anything by using half your effort and doing it for a short period of time. There have been countless times I've failed. I've gotten hurt, bled, and been battered and bruised more times than I can remember. But I've also learned that there has to be balance in any training program. There's just as much a need to slow down and work on mobility, peace of mind, and relationships. Raising my daughter on my own since she was two and a half exemplifies all of this. I have to remain consistent and be her dad no matter what the conditions. She needs me and I need her. If I don't put in the work both as a dad and as an athlete, I can't provide for her. Turning my garage into my own CrossFit box was a decision I made so I wouldn't have to leave her. I could show her the importance of training and consistency. After I tuck her in at night, I head out to the garage to put in my time." - Chad

Erika's Story

"I'm 23 years old and have always struggled with my self-image. I'm the girl that is bigger than her friends and struggles to keep up with a "diet". But this year I decided to make my so-called diet my new lifestyle. It's crazy to think that health & fitness is my new favorite topic. I'm excited to see what progress will be made, the new friends that will join me, and the confidence I will gain." - Erika